Past Classes

Spotlight: Pivot Tables

Shir Aviv of ExcelShir

Tuesday, November 16 /  2-hour session

Learn how, when, and why to use the Pivot Table: one of Excel’s most powerful and misunderstood features.

Adaptive Leadership in Turbulent Times

Sarah Mali and Maya Bernstein, of the Masa Leadership and Impact Center

Mondays / Nov 22 and 29, & Dec 6 and 13 / 90-minute sessions

Learn core concepts from the field of Adaptive Leadership to build your capacity to work with change and proactively shape the organizations and communities you hope to see thrive.

Spotlight: Logic Models

Frayda Gonshor Cohen, EdD, of Rosov Consulting

Thursday, December 16 /  2-hour session

Learn to understand the concept of a logic model and how it can inform program planning, implementation, and evaluation – and get hands-on experience building one.

Task Management with Less Stress

Diana Bloom

Wednesdays / January 12, 26 and February 9 and 23 / 90 minute sessions

Diana Bloom will teach you how to eliminate inefficiency, effectively prioritize your work, utilize electronic systems to support higher productivity, and get and stay focused each day, despite the circumstances.

Spotlight: Giving Tuesday

Emily Goodstein of Greater Good Strategy

Monday, November 8 /  2-hour session

It’s not too late: learn everything you need to know to build a strategy and implement it in time for #GivingTuesday 2021

Excel Ignite

Instructor: SHIR AVIV

Reclaim 45 minutes a day by using Excel more efficiently and mastering Excel’s three fundamental skills: 1) Navigation, 2) Formatting, and 3) Formulas. Learn Excel shortcuts that will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes you to complete your day-to-day tasks. These sessions will provide skills that can eliminate manual and repetitive work so that you can get back to the creative and strategic work you were hired for in the first place.

Racial Justice 101 for Jewish Community Professionals


Join us to explore the diversity and beautiful tapestry of the Jewish Community and learn tools to achieve racial justice in our communities.  This class will help you better understand the different forms of oppression and racism and recognize, define, unlearn, and correct racist behaviors so that you can advance equity in the environments you are part of, individually and professionally.

Digital Fundraising from Good to Greater


Greater Good Strategy Founder and CEO Emily Goodstein will show you how to grow your email list, unlock the power of automated messaging and social media retargeting, transform email list addresses into donors and… drumroll please… raise (more) money online.

Introduction To Program Evaluation with Rosov Consulting

Instructors: Dr. Frayda Gonshor Cohen and Dr. Zohar Rotem, Rosov Consulting Senior Project Leaders

Understanding the basics of program evaluation will help you martial your in-house resources to better articulate your program/organizational goals, design the appropriate evaluation activities to answer the questions you (or your funders) have about your work, or commission a third-party evaluation that meets your learning goals. Learn the basic ins and outs of program evaluation and get some hands-on practice in planning and designing evaluation activities as well as what to do with all that data.

Intro To Racial Justice for Jewish Community Professionals

Instructor: APRIL BASKIN

Jewish racial/ethnic diversity is a fact of the Jewish community, yet many Jewish organizations are just beginning to recognize this. In this class, renowned Jewish diversity and inclusion expert April N. Baskin offers a well-rounded, understanding, and respectful entry point into the critical conversation about racial justice. You will be given useful frameworks to more effectively understand contemporary dynamics with historical awareness and reliable strategies to more effectively navigate today’s multiracial and intercultural terrain that is complicated, but also ripe with opportunity.

Next Level Fundraising


Calling all professionals who want to foster Jewish communal vitality through stakeholder relationship development that leads to robust fundraising!
Using your own organization as a case study, bring your fundraising methodology to the next level. Learn the essential ingredients for a robust and sustainable fundraising program that will begin with a “true north” that will guide your journey. Proficiency acquired along the way will include:

  • building a strong culture of philanthropy

  • engaging an inspired lay and professional campaign team

  • enriching and cultivating a promising donor pipeline

  • marketing a menu of compelling philanthropic investment opportunities that align with both your donors’ interests and your organization’s aspirational vision, mission, and values.

Each class will culminate with an interview with a giant in the field of philanthropy who has successfully transformed his/her organization through ingenuity and skill in financial resource development.

Writing For Impact

Instructor: DR ERICA BROWN

This two session workshop co-sponsored by JPRO Network and the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership will support ten Jewish community professionals to complete articles that are ready for publication in a Jewish media outlet such as eJewish Philanthropy, The Times of Israel, The Forward, a local paper, or another outlet for professional writing. This workshop is for members of our professional community who already have an idea and are prepared to talk about it, write it, and edit it until it’s publication-ready. Bring us your A-game and we’ll share our work, brainstorm together, and welcome gentle feedback.