Past Classes

Spotlight: Crafting Your Story, Building Your Voice

Instructor: Jordan Namerow

Hone your storytelling skills with this Spotlight Master Class. Explore two storytelling frameworks to access language for what we love, what we fear, and what we have not been able to say or write about before, and leave with practical tips to hone your personal narrative, and new tools to consider using when you create your next blog, essay, speech, or op-ed.

Spotlight: Coaching Skills for Managers

Instructor: Catherine Bell

This Spotlight Master Class will introduce you to core principles of coaching and will explore how you can use coaching techniques to bring out the best in your employees. Participants will identify and build on their existing strengths as managers and will practice key coaching skills in a supportive setting.

Spotlight: Pivot Tables

Instructor: Shir Aviv

In this Spotlight Master Class, you will learn what a Pivot Table is, why it’s so powerful, when you should use it, and of course how to create one from scratch using the 5 easy steps of the “SAGES” technique. Uncover game-changing insights that have been laying dormant in your data, waiting to be discovered and learn how to leverage Pivot Tables correctly in order to save you time, money, and frustration.


Spotlight: Your Mission in 60 Seconds

Instructor: Aaron Henne, Artistic Director, theatre dybbuk

Learn a clear, step-by-step process to craft concise communications so that you can effectively advocate for your organization. You will not only capture the essence of an idea, but also reach goals with specific constituents in mind.

Spotlight: Hybrid Work: Designing for Energy and Productivity 

Instructors: Dasee Berkowitz and Pearl Mattenson

Hybrid work is a workplace expectation for employees but can be challenging for managers. This session will guide managers to identify where they are stuck, introduce a framework that brings clarity to the team’s workflow, and help managers advocate for policies that will lead to more energizing work environments.

Spotlight: Social Media 101

Instructor: Andrew Exler

Learn the ins & outs of social media on the ground level, to ensure you can “step up your social media game” and reach your target audience in the most efficient way possible.

Program Evaluation: Collecting Data and Surveying for Success with Rosov Consulting

Instructors: Dr. Frayda Gonshor Cohen, Managing Director & Allison Magagnosc, Senior Project Associate, Rosov Consulting

Explore the purpose and benefits of, as well as the organizational keys to, successfully implementing a program evaluation. Dig into the learning goals for data collection and discuss alternative methods for answering your questions, and dive into survey design and question writing, highlighting common pitfalls, and provide considerations for data analysis.

Spotlight: Understanding and Addressing Implicit Bias

Instructor: Dr. Sandra Chapman

Implicit bias has been known to impact educators, leaders and supervisors, Board members, the hiring process, evaluation and assessments, and even relationship-building. Participants will learn about how implicit bias has an impact on our interactions with others, in turn enabling you to improve relationships across identity differences and engage in conversations in the workplace about how to counter stereotypes and prejudice.

Spotlight: Rethinking Retirement and Aging

Instructor: Sharon Blumberg

Explore how to rethink your retirement to truly embrace your changing circumstances, to refresh your perspective about aging with purpose and contribution, and to find ways to maintain agency over your long life.

Excel Formula Deep Dive: Learn 45+ Functions, Fix Broken Formulas, and Calculate Anything in Excel

Instructor: Shir Aviv

This course will teach you how to use formulas in a masterful way. You will learn how to calculate the right answer 100% of the time by using simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-modify formulas.

Digital Fundraising from Good to Greater

Instructor: Emily Goodstein, Founder and CEO, Greater Good Strategy

Learn how to grow your email list, unlock the power of automated messaging and social media retargeting, transform mailing list addresses into donors and… drumroll please… raise (more) money online.

Spotlight: LGBTQ+ Equity in Jewish Communal Workplaces

Instructor: Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael, Director of Education and Training, Keshet

Identify some of the common biases and barriers that impact LGBTQ+ identifying people in Jewish nonprofit workplaces, prepare to counter these instances with specific skills, conversations, and strategies, and workshop specific examples from your own experiences.