Past Classes

Spotlight: Making the Ask

Sharyn Goodson, Leichtag Foundation

Tuesday, April 5 /  2-hour session

Develop a clear understanding of the steps needed for an effective fundraising request

Spotlight: Data Visualization in Excel

Shir Aviv of ExcelShir

Thursday, March 24 /  2-hour session

Learn how to create clear and compelling charts to communicate more effectively and stand out from the crowd

Encore Workshops

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in June / 90 minute sessions

The workshops from JPro22: Going Places, Together, in partnership with JFNA, presented on Zoom. Benefit from the Collaboration Curriculum remotely, after JPro22 has ended!

Task Management with Less Stress

Diana Bloom

Wednesdays / June 29, July 13 and 27, and Aug 3 / 90 minute sessions

Diana Bloom will teach you how to eliminate inefficiency, effectively prioritize your work, utilize electronic systems to support higher productivity, and get and stay focused each day, despite the circumstances.

Safe Jewish Workplaces

Simon Feil from Ta’amod: Stand Up!

Wednesdays / March 16, 23, 30 and April 6 / 90 minute sessions

Gain a deep understanding of psychological safety in the workplace, explore universal themes around respect and equity through a lens of Jewish wisdom, and gather tangible tools to bring back to your organization.

Social Media for your Jewish Nonprofit

Andrew Exler of Andrew Exler Consulting LLC, with guests Alexa Heinrich, Brianne Fleming, and Regan Anthony

Thursdays / Jan 20 and 27 & Feb 3 and 10 / 90 minute sessions

Learn the ins and outs of social media on the ground level to ensure you can “step up your social media game” and reach your target audience in the most efficient way possible.

Spotlight: Pivot Tables

Shir Aviv of ExcelShir

Tuesday, November 16 /  2-hour session

Learn how, when, and why to use the Pivot Table: one of Excel’s most powerful and misunderstood features.

Adaptive Leadership in Turbulent Times

Sarah Mali and Maya Bernstein, of the Masa Leadership and Impact Center

Mondays / Nov 22 and 29, & Dec 6 and 13 / 90-minute sessions

Learn core concepts from the field of Adaptive Leadership to build your capacity to work with change and proactively shape the organizations and communities you hope to see thrive.

Spotlight: Logic Models

Frayda Gonshor Cohen, EdD, of Rosov Consulting

Thursday, December 16 /  2-hour session

Learn to understand the concept of a logic model and how it can inform program planning, implementation, and evaluation – and get hands-on experience building one.

Spotlight: Giving Tuesday

Emily Goodstein of Greater Good Strategy

Monday, November 8 /  2-hour session

It’s not too late: learn everything you need to know to build a strategy and implement it in time for #GivingTuesday 2021

Excel Ignite

Instructor: SHIR AVIV

Reclaim 45 minutes a day by using Excel more efficiently and mastering Excel’s three fundamental skills: 1) Navigation, 2) Formatting, and 3) Formulas. Learn Excel shortcuts that will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes you to complete your day-to-day tasks. These sessions will provide skills that can eliminate manual and repetitive work so that you can get back to the creative and strategic work you were hired for in the first place.

Racial Justice 101 for Jewish Community Professionals


Join us to explore the diversity and beautiful tapestry of the Jewish Community and learn tools to achieve racial justice in our communities.  This class will help you better understand the different forms of oppression and racism and recognize, define, unlearn, and correct racist behaviors so that you can advance equity in the environments you are part of, individually and professionally.