Past Classes

Spotlight: Getting Started with AI

Instructor: Dr. Sarah Rubinson Levy

Explore the history of AI, and to learn how to begin using this technology in an empowered way for good. You will learn how to develop prompts for ChatGPT specifically for efficiency, strategy, and creativity, so that you can begin using it and other AI tools to streamline your work.

Spotlight Master Class: Strategic Fundraising in a Changed World

Instructor: Stephanie Schwartz, Founder and CEO, Little Bean Group

Evaluate your current fundraising strategies and practices post-October 7, while gaining insights into how to customize fundraising efforts to support donor engagement and giving.

Lead with Impact: Essential Skills for Modern Managers

Instructor: Amanda Silver

In this interactive 4-part series, you will learn tools, skills and frameworks to manage others effectively. Lead with Impact will focus on the following core competencies essential for managers: managing up, down and across your organization, creating performance management systems that work, giving and receiving meaningful feedback, running effective meetings, and prioritizing and delegating skillfully.

Task Management with Less Stress

Instructor: Diana Bloom

Learn actionable steps that can be implemented to achieve higher productivity and efficiency, in order to bridge the gap between your intentions and your actions. Discover systems and processes in order to prioritize, track, and complete tasks with less stress.

Spotlight: Staying out of the Spider’s Web

Instructor: Deb Howard

When conflict arises between coworkers, they can pull in other people (often their manager) to fix the problem, fix the person, be the messenger, or be a sympathetic ear. Psychologists call this triangulation. This Spotlight Master Class will show you how to immediately and easily identify triangles in your work teams, and take positive steps to reduce the conflict, tension, and anxiety they can cause.

Mindful and Effective Leadership

Instructor: Aaron Henne

Uncover your personal and professional priorities so that you can show up as your best self. You will develop the hard and soft skills you need to help you communicate clearly and articulate your vision to others in order to harness your full leadership potential.

Spotlight: Email Fundraising Magic

Instructor: Emily Goodstein, CEO + Founder, Greater Good Strategy

Learn best practices to format emails for maximum impact, ways to write emails so they produce results (read: donations), and recommendations to get your potentially anti-email colleagues on board with your new approach.

Spotlight: Canva for Beginners

Instructor: Eve Tyler

This beginner-level class will teach you how to elevate your design projects in Canva, so they consistently look polished and in line with your organization’s brand and mission.

Spotlight: LinkedIn Business for Jewish Nonprofits

Instructor: Andrew Exler

Learn the intricacies of LinkedIn’s audience, understand measures of success, and gain practical insights into leveraging LinkedIn Business for your organization.

Excel Cornerstones: Three Proven Skills to Reclaim 45 Minutes a Day

Instructor: Shir Aviv

Learn Excel shortcuts that will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes you to complete your day-to-day tasks by mastering three cornerstone skills: navigation, formatting, and formulas.

Program Evaluation: Collecting Data and Surveying for Success with Rosov Consulting

Instructors: Dr. Frayda Gonshor Cohen, Managing Director & Allison Magagnosc, Senior Project Associate, of Rosov Consulting

How do you successfully measure the impact of your programs? In this Master Class, you will explore the purpose and benefits of successfully implementing a program evaluation, learn goals for data collection, and dive into survey design and question writing.