Past Classes

Spotlight: Rethinking Retirement and Aging

Instructor: Sharon Blumberg

Explore how to rethink your retirement to truly embrace your changing circumstances, to refresh your perspective about aging with purpose and contribution, and to find ways to maintain agency over your long life.

Digital Fundraising from Good to Greater

Instructor: Emily Goodstein, Founder and CEO, Greater Good Strategy

Learn how to grow your email list, unlock the power of automated messaging and social media retargeting, transform mailing list addresses into donors and… drumroll please… raise (more) money online.

Spotlight: LGBTQ+ Equity in Jewish Communal Workplaces

Instructor: Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael, Director of Education and Training, Keshet

Identify some of the common biases and barriers that impact LGBTQ+ identifying people in Jewish nonprofit workplaces, prepare to counter these instances with specific skills, conversations, and strategies, and workshop specific examples from your own experiences.

Spotlight: Leading from the Middle

Instructor: Diana Bloom, Accountability Consultant

Address the challenges of “Leading From the Middle” and offer ideas and tools for middle managers to succeed. We will explore what “managing up” means and doesn’t, why managing up matters, and guidelines for managing up.

Spotlight: Choosing Curiosity: How to Stop Living from the Stories We Make Up

Instructor: Justine Froelker

Your brain is wired for comfort, and in the absence of facts, your brain creates stories, filling in the blanks with ideas that may not be helpful. Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, this session will guide you through a process that builds off the Dare to Lead™ curriculum, a courage-building program for leaders.

Spotlight: Feedback and Psychological Safety

Instructor: Simon Feil, Ta’amod: Stand Up!

Giving and receiving feedback in a productive and respectful way can be complicated by difference – whether that is intergenerational or cross-cultural. This class will examine the impact of identity and power dynamics on the practice of giving and receiving feedback in the workplace.

Fundamentals of Program Evaluation with Rosov Consulting

Instructors: Dr. Frayda Gonshor Cohen, Managing Director & Allison Magagnosc, Senior Project Associate, Rosov Consulting

Understanding the basics of program evaluation will help you utilize your in-house resources to better articulate your program/organizational goals and design the appropriate evaluation activities to answer the questions you (or your funders) have about your work. In this Master Class, you will learn the basic ins and outs of program evaluation for program professionals and get some hands-on practice in planning and designing evaluation activities, as well as what to do with all that data.

Special Campaigns

Instructors: Amy Schiffman, CEO, and Renee Davis, Consultant, of Evolve Giving Group

This Master Class will guide you through the key factors to determine organizational readiness, strategy development and execution. You will be prepared to responsibly consider a major capital, anniversary or endowment campaign, and walk away with concrete tools to build a plan and engage your community through compelling, integrated solicitations.

Spotlight: Visual Storytelling

Instructor: Amy DeLouise, DeLouise Enterprises

Dive into the fundamentals of hooking and keeping an audience: story arc. Through case studies of video and photo stories created with a range of budgets, you’ll gain creative insights into how you can tackle your next branded content challenge from concept through delivery.

Social Media for your Jewish Nonprofit

Instructors: Andrew Exler, Andrew Exler Consulting LLC, with guests Alexa Heinrich and Brianne Fleming

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of social media on the ground level to ensure you can “step up your social media game” and reach your target audience in the most efficient way possible. We’ll review best practices, tools, branding, accessibility, influencers and more!

Spotlight: Making the Ask

Instructor: Sharyn Goodson, Leichtag Foundation

Effective fundraising practices can be adapted to meet the unique needs of different donors, allowing you to build and maintain confidence; this is key to ensuring your resilience as an individual professional and to strengthening the capacity of your organization. In this Spotlight Master Class, we will help you develop a clear understanding of the steps needed for an effective ask and will offer tangible tools to bring back to your organization.

Spotlight: Data Visualization in Excel

Instructor: Shir Aviv, ExcelShir

The ability to effectively convey information visually is one of the most essential skills in a professional setting today. In this Spotlight Master Class, you will learn step by step how to create Pie, Column, Line, and Scatter Charts, while understanding how and why they work, and when to use each type.