Caring and Connection: Resources to Support the Jewish Communal Workforce

As we navigate an unprecedented crisis in Israel, JPro is compiling resources and learnings to support professionals working in the Jewish communal sector. View the resources here.

Journal of Jewish Communal Service

For over 89 years, JPro was the publisher of the Journal of Jewish Communal Service, exploring the issues and concerns faced by generations of Jewish community professionals. A complete archive of Journal issues can be found at the Berman Jewish Policy Archive.


The Jewish and Professional Identities of a Group of Jewish Educators: Boundaries and Connections

Dissertation by Laura Herman, Ed.D., from 2019, on how the professional identities of Jewish educators interact with their personal Jewish identities and influence their relationships with students. Read the paper here.

Advancing the Careers of Mid-Career Jewish Talent in the Bay Area

Research conducted by Adam Pollack in August, 2016, on career development among mid-career Jewish professionals serving the San Francisco Bay Area, including identification of barriers inhibiting their advancement and recommendations on how to lower those barriers. Read the report here.

JPRO Network Professionals’ Survey Results

Survey conducted in spring, 2014, by Dr. Jack Ukeles and Professor Steven M. Cohen. More than 4200 validated responses on questions of education, access to professional development and career interests. To view the survey results, click here.

Jewish Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S.: A Preliminary Survey

Research conducted by Paul Burstein, 2010, on the overall organizational structure of the Jewish community. Read the paper here.


Focus Versus Experimentation: Reflections from a Chapter of Organizational Renewal

Most nonprofits go through predictable stages of development: Invention, Incubation, Growing, Sustainability, Stagnation & Renewal, and Decline. JPRO Network playfully referred to itself as a “120-year-old startup” from 2017 through 2020; in reality, we were in the renewal phase. JPRO is a legacy organization that embarked on a period of renewal and experimentation over this four-year period. As JPRO enters its next chapter, one of strengthening and expansion, we are reflecting on the lessons learned over the last four years.

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Investing in Our Professionals: The Value of JPRO Local Groups

Jewish community professionals, like the rest of the country, are facing much uncertainty as we work to reimagine what our work will look like in the coming weeks, months, and dare we say years. Here in St. Louis, I continue to see first-hand the importance of a local JPRO Group. When local communities invest in the JPRO model in partnership with JPRO Network, as highlighted here, there are both immediate and long-term benefits to our workforce, the organizations they serve, and the community as a whole.

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JPRO19: What Connected Us?

The energy was resounding. The experience was unique. What was the secret sauce that made JPRO19: What Connects Us a game-changer?

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The Women Seen and Heard!

The call for action as a response to an article, one about men assuming leadership written by men who interviewed men was important and necessary, as disappointing as it is that such articles by and about men named to top positions are still published as fantastic news for the Jewish world. We can do better and actually, we did.

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WellAdvised by JPRO

JPRO Network has a go-to ice-breaker: “What is something that you learned along the way in your career that you wish you had known sooner?” Responses run the gamut: work-life integration, negotiation skills, how to build stronger collegial relationships, and much more.

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Four Surprises from the JPRO Poll

JPRO Network asked professionals how we can best add value to their networking and career development. The response was phenomenal and we are eager to share what we learned.

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