Why Master Classes

It is part of JPro’s mission to educate professionals working in the Jewish nonprofit community. In addition, JPro Master Classes allow us to manifest many of our Core Values:  Access, by offering many classes online; Excellence, by offering best-in-class instructors; Learning, by the very nature of this program; and Interconnectedness, by including a networking component in each class.

Why Zoom

JPro Master Classes are offered over Zoom so that our members can easily participate from anywhere. We limit class size so it’s interactive, and when possible share a class roster so that people know who’s in the “room.” Participants also have a chance to ask their questions directly to the instructor and are broken into smaller groups to discuss the material with other members of the class. JPro occasionally offers webinar style and in-person Master Classes too!


JPro Master Classes offer closed captioning upon request. Let us know if captions would help you participate fully in a class and we’ll make sure it happens. If you have other accessibility needs for this (or any other of our programs), please do let us know. We are engaged in a learning process about this, as well as many other aspects of DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice) so we welcome your feedback and input.


Cancellations must be requested via email to programs@jpro.org. They will be processed as follows, with credit card fees deducted:

  • Four weeks before the first class: Full refund

  • Up to two weeks before the first class: Either 50% refund or 75% credit toward the cost of a future JPro Master Class

  • Within two weeks of the first class: 50% credit toward the cost of a future JPro Master Class

  • After the first class: No refunds or credits available

Missed Sessions

If you need to miss a session of a Master Class and inform JPro in advance, JPro will make a recording available to you for a limited time. Before sharing the recording, we will ask you to confirm in writing that the recording is for you only and that you will not share or retain it.