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Past Trainings

Spotlight: Managing Teams Through Difficult Times

This Spotlight Master class will look at models and tools for navigating change and transition and explore how these can be used with teams as our sector continues to grapple with unprecedented challenges. Managers will gain a deeper understanding of their own reactions to stress so they can show up skillfully with their teams.

Management Fundamentals

Learn the basics of effective management to ensure your team gets great results. This intensive training will provide you with the skills and tools to build and run more effective, equitable, and sustainable organizations.

Peer Consulting Pods for Managers

Peer Consulting Pods place you within a group of 5-7 people, who are all managers in Jewish nonprofit organizations across North America. After learning a peer consultation protocol from our KONU instructors, you will bring a real-life management challenge to the group. Group members offer you the gift of their full attention, along with coaching, perspectives, and insights.

The Adaptive Toolkit for Managers

In “The Adaptive Toolkit for Managers,” you’ll bring your experience and real-life management challenges. Our KONU facilitators will bring the framework and provide the scaffolding to discover solutions, all while connecting with other Jewish nonprofit professionals.