Past Sessions

Ha-Yom Harat Olam: We Are the Creators

This program will be facilitated by Rabbi Avi Strausberg, Director of National Learning Initiatives at Hadar

September 13, 2021: JPro and Hadar explored what it means to rebuild from the ruins and ask how we, as Jewish community professionals, might partner with God in birthing the world anew this holiday season through acts of hesed, loving-kindness.

Why We Do What We Do: Motivation, Choice, and Career

Ilana Aisen, CEO of JPro, and Dr. Arielle Levites, Managing Director of CASJE

Explore the Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators Study, the recently-released multi-strand investigation of the recruitment, retention and development of Jewish educators, and to dive into these issues as they relate to the entire Jewish nonprofit workforce.

Bless Our Workforce: Changing the Way We Manage Our People – A Conversation

Thursday, May 13, 2021: Mark S. Young, JPRO Network Board Member and Director of JResponse at JCC Association, discussed his new book Bless Our Workforce and welcomed three professionals, Alyson Bazeley, Assistant Director of URJ Crane Lake Camp, Graham Hoffman, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, and Carine Warsawski, Founder/CEO of Trybal Gatherings, into a conversation about what motivates them and how we can best get to know our people so we each can feel supported and blessed at work… and ensure that those around us feel the same.

Covenant and the Legacy of Rabbi Sacks’ Teachings for Building Sacred Communities

Tuesday, April 20, 2021: Dr. Erica Brown, a student of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z”l, led us in a conversation about how Jewish nonprofit professionals can move from transactional to covenantal relationships in their work, based one of one of Rabbi Sacks’ most important teachings: the difference between making contracts and living in covenant, a combination of law and love that serves as the foundation of family and community.

DOROT’s Tapestry Tour with Ted Comet: An Interactive Virtual Experience

Wednesday, March 17, 2021: We traveled virtually to the New York City apartment of Ted Comet, a 96-year old respected Jewish community leader, to view five unique tapestries woven by his late wife Shoshana Comet, Holocaust survivor, psychotherapist and artist. Each tapestry is a testament to the power of the mind to turn trauma into creative and healing energy.

Reflections from 70 Years in the Field: An Intergenerational Conversation about Resilience with Ted Comet and Aliza Kline

Thursday, January 14, 2021: Ted Comet has been a director, a founder, a parade Grand Marshal, and an indefatigable and inimitable Jewish professional for seven decades. Aliza Kline has founded and directed two organizations that have brought Jewish ritual to thousands of Jewish lives and sees Shabbat as a power, a relief, and a gift. These two incredible and inspirational JPRO Board Members spoke about energy, perseverance, and Jewish resilience.

After Election Day

Thursday November 5, 2020: between Election Day and Shabbat. Dr. Erica Brown of the Mayberg Center gathered us to connect with one another and clarify what the moment meant for us as individuals and community professionals.

What you can do (right now) to ensure a free and fair election

Thursday, October 29, 2020: Aaron Dorfman, President of Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, explained the different ways that Jewish organizations and professionals can help ensure a free and fair election in the weeks and months ahead.