Spotlight: Understanding and Addressing Implicit Bias

Instructor: Dr. Sandra Chapman

Did you know the unconscious brain develops stories, called schemas, which contribute to our attitudes towards groups of people? Our minds fill in gaps in an effort to help us be more efficient in life. However, when these stories are informed by stereotypes, they can negatively impact our relationships with others and get in the way of inclusive workplaces.  

This Spotlight Master Class will begin with a few exercises to help us all understand the brain’s automatic association of stereotypes toward particular groups, which is known as implicit bias. While fairness and equity are our goals, research on implicit bias shows that assuming we do not see differences won’t work. Participants will learn about how implicit bias has an impact on our interactions with others, in turn enabling you to improve relationships across identity differences and engage in conversations in the workplace about how to counter stereotypes and prejudice.

Join Dr. Sandra Chapman, who will share how the brain takes in information that can influence behavior and decision-making. You will learn doable strategies to interrupt stereotyped stories of others. These well-researched and practical methods for intervening will help you recognize and lessen implicit bias and better align behavior with values of equity.  

More About this Spotlight:

Awareness is one step of the process. It is critical to our relationships, daily lives, and work spaces that we interrupt the negative stories we have learned about others. 

Implicit bias has been known to impact educators, leaders and supervisors, Board members, the hiring process, evaluation and assessments, and even relationship-building.  

Participating in this Spotlight Master Class will positively impact team dynamics in any workplace context, supervisor and supervisee mentoring relationships, and help put into place guardrails for important decisions that individuals or organizations make. 

A One-session “Spotlight” Master Class

Thursday, June 8
10:00 am – Noon Pacific
11:00 am – 1:00 pm Mountain
Noon – 2:00 pm Central
1:00 – 3:00 pm Eastern


JPro members – $95
Non-members – $200

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