Spotlight: 8 Practices of Excellent Project Management

Do you manage projects either in your department or across teams? Join JPro and Jessica Eastman Stewart to learn 8 Practices of Excellent Project Management. During this Spotlight Master Class, you will learn to define success, clarify roles and responsibilities, manage information, set realistic timelines, engage stakeholders, create templates, foster a great project culture, and close projects effectively. In this interactive session, you will have time to pause and apply what you are learning to a project you are currently managing or will be beginning soon. The principles shared will apply to project management generally and will not require any particular software or tools (but we will share examples across software and tools for illustrative purposes). 

By the end of this class you will: 

  • Understand how to define and communicate what success looks like for a project. 
  • Use frameworks like MOCHA to clarify roles and responsibilities for a project 
  • Know how to organize information for projects, simple to complex 
  • Create realistic timelines for projects 
  • Understand different approaches to keeping stakeholders updated on a project’s progress 
  • Understand when and how to create templates for recurring projects 
  • Attend to the culture of a project’s team to ensure effective collaboration 
  • Know how to effectively close out a project, including debriefing and preserving knowledge 

This class is for you if:

  • You are responsible for managing projects, large or small, within your organization 
  • You are unsure about the best approach to clarifying project roles, organizing all of the information for the project, keeping stakeholders updated, and creating repeatable systems for recurring projects 
  • You sometimes struggle with managing up and managing laterally in your project management work 

This class is not for you if:

  • You are not managing projects in your organization or hoping to manage any projects soon 
  • You are looking for technical or software-specific training only: we will be discussing the principles of great project management.  
  • The session will feature examples across issue areas and types of tools, but will not dive into the details of how to use any particular software or tool 

A One-Session Spotlight Master Class

Wednesday, September 4

10:00 am – Noon Pacific
11:00 am – 1:00 pm Mountain
Noon – 2:00 pm Central
1:00 – 3:00 pm Eastern


JPro Members – Regular: $95
Non-Members: $200

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A group discount is available when three or more employees of a JPro affiliate organization participate in the same course.

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