JPRO19: What Connected Us?

The energy was resounding. The experience was unique. What was the secret sauce that made JPRO19: What Connects Us a game-changer?

The Women Seen and Heard!

The call for action as a response to an article, one about men assuming leadership written by men who interviewed men was important and necessary, as disappointing as it is that such articles by and about men named to top positions are still published as...

WellAdvised by JPRO

JPRO Network has a go-to ice-breaker: “What is something that you learned along the way in your career that you wish you had known sooner?” Responses run the gamut: work-life integration, negotiation skills, how to build stronger collegial relationships, and much...

Four Surprises from the JPRO Poll

JPRO Network asked professionals how we can best add value to their networking and career development. The response was phenomenal and we are eager to share what we learned.