Self at Work

Performance improvement. Focus on a specific area for improvement identified by you, your supervisor or another trusted colleague.

Work/life integration. It is hard to keep work and life in tune with one another. Speak with an advisor about work/life integration to identify or refine strategies and approaches to bringing work and the rest of your life together in a way that works well for you.

Managing remote work. COVID-19 has upended our workplaces. We are facing ongoing challenges, including staying connected to colleagues, navigating supervision dynamics, and managing tasks, perhaps all while caring for loved ones or living alone. Speak to an advisor to discuss strategies for working from home and balancing your responsibilities while maintaining workplace culture.

Managing time and energy. Talk about moving your priorities forward while still staying on top of your day-to-day work, how to move from being behind to getting out in front of deadlines, or how to manage your energy so that you bring maximum productivity and focus to your work.

Preparing for/returning from leave. Preparing to go on leave (be it parental, medical, or other) or return from it can be particularly stressful. Professionals often want to make sure they are leaving responsibly and returning in a way that will work well for them, their colleagues and their families.

What it means to me to work at a Jewish organization. Our workplaces are diverse, with Jews of all backgrounds and identities and people who are not Jewish making up our community of colleagues. Talk with an advisor about what it means to work in a Jewish organization, and how that relates to your personal and professional identity.

I want to grow “Jewishly” - what are my next steps? Many of us are working (directly or indirectly) on supporting the Jewish lives of those in our communities. Some of us wish to do more of that ourselves. This session is to help you think through how you might build more Jewish learning or living into your busy life.

Relationships at Work

Managing Up. Work on a specific skill area in how you manage up. For example, you might want think about what you can do to improve your check-in meetings, better clarify expectations, or request more feedback.

Supervising. Focus on addressing a specific challenge or area for growth. We suggest that you focus on one individual who you are currently supervising and one way in which you would like to improve your performance as a supervisor to that individual.

Working with Board Members. Do you work with Board members? Want to improve your relationships? Let's discuss improving relationships and building board culture.

Difficult conversations.  We all have to have them and they can be so stress-inducing. This is an opportunity to prepare for a specific difficult conversation that you would like to have with a colleague. As with every advising area, we will focus on what you can do better and differently to get the results you are hoping for.

Career Path

Path to Promotion. To chart your course toward growth in your current organization, it's a good idea to have a plan for how you will work toward that goal. Talk through and build your plan during this session.

What’s next? How do I envision next steps in my career and prepare for them? If you're not sure what's next for you and you want to be building a successful medium- to long-term plan for growing your career, this is an opportunity to work with an advisor to identify some next steps.

Résumé review. Share your current résumé and your purpose in brushing it up at the moment. Your advisor will give you feedback toward getting your résumé in shape.

Mock Interview. Have an interview coming up? Want a chance to nail it and practice for the big day? This is an opportunity to do so.

Preparing for a negotiation. Whether you are moving into a new role inside your organization or a new organization or you are wanting to negotiate for new responsibilities or opportunities, this is an opportunity to work with an advisor on a plan for how to approach that conversation in a way that will enhance your relationships and increase the possibility of getting (at least some) of the results you are aiming for.

Onboarding into a new role or a new organization (or both). Talk through your plan for how to be as effective and successful as possible during your first 90 days in a new position.

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