Deann Forman Headshot

Deann Forman

ICF-Certified Executive and Leadership Coach

Deann is an ICF-Certified Executive and Leadership Coach with more than 25 years of experience in nonprofit management, the majority in the Jewish communal field. Deann spent over 10 years as a CEO and COO before that, and has consulted to more than 50 organizations across North America.

Deann's coaching style is to encourage people, often with humor, to be self-reflective, open and responsive to the gift of feedback. She coaches clients to successfully navigate challenging people and situations, and to speak directly and confidently with awareness and understanding of others. Her goal is to help clients learn how to identify and capitalize on their bright spots, illuminate and address their blind spots, and bring to bear their full set of skills and talents.

As a "Sandwich Generation" veteran, Deann is adept at navigating the demands of being a busy working mom of 3 delightfully sarcastic children, a caring daughter of an aging parent, and a proud partner of a loving and supportive husband. She has experienced living through the grief of prematurely losing both her mom and only sibling, and of supporting her children through mental health struggles and the daily challenges that come with being gender non-conforming, and she brings all of that life experience to her coaching.

You can read more about Deann on her website or on LinkedIn.