Research and Reports


The Journal of Jewish Communal Service

For almost 90 years, JPRO published the Journal of Jewish Communal Service. The Journal’s articles are an excellent retrospective of the issues and concerns the Jewish community faced during these decades. A complete archive of Journal issues can be found at the Berman Jewish Policy Archive.

Advancing the Careers of Mid-Career Jewish Talent in the Bay Area

Research conducted by Adam Pollack in August, 2016, on career development among mid-career Jewish professionals serving the San Francisco Bay Area, including identification of barriers inhibiting their advancement and recommendations on how to lower those barriers. Read the report here.

JPRO Network Professionals’ Survey Results

Survey conducted in spring, 2014, by Dr. Jack Ukeles and Professor Steven M. Cohen. More than 4200 validated responses on questions of education, access to professional development and career interests. To view the survey results, click here.

Local Group Best Practice Manual

Alisha Goodman, Editor.
This introductory guide provides basic information and guidance on JPRO local group practices. More information and guidance are available by contacting the JPRO Network office. To read the Handbook, click here.

Jewish Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S.: A Preliminary Survey

Research conducted by Paul Burstein, 2010, on the overall organizational structure of the Jewish community. Read the paper here.