Research and Reports


JPRO Network Professionals’ Survey Results

Survey conducted in spring, 2014, by Dr. Jack Ukeles and Professor Steven M. Cohen
More than 4200 validated responses on questions of education, access to professional development and career interests
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Effective CEO Transitioning/Leadership Sustainability in North American Jewish Nonprofit Organizations: A Research Study of 440 CEO’s.

Conducted by Dr. Steven J. Noble
This report explores the nature and causes of a major challenge faced by countless North American Jewish nonprofits: effective succession planning for CEO transitioning and organizational leadership sustainability. It concludes by proposing ten practical recommendations to address this challenge.
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Profiling the Professionals: Who’s Serving Our Communities Report

A JCSA sponsored study conducted in conjunction with the Berman Jewish Policy Archives by Professor Steven M. Cohen in 2010
This report provides a portrait of the professionals who work in or on behalf of the North American Jewish communal enterprise, providing a socio-demographic overview by characteristics of age, sex, family status and education, as well as professional status, among numerous other distinctions and practices.
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Local Group Best Practice Manual

Alisha Goodman, Editor.
This introductory guide provides basic information and guidance on local group (J Pro) practices.
More information and guidance are available by contacting the JPRO Network office.
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