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Ignite Your Team Without Burning Them Out

The challenges of the past two years have been extraordinary, for each of us personally, and for the teams and organizations that we lead. We may have never imagined we’d still be in this place, but we also know that our organizational missions require that we find ways to move forward. As nonprofit managers and leaders, it is critically important that we understand how to intentionally prevent burnout and create a culture where our staff can thrive, even while working tirelessly to serve and support others. This interactive workshop will provide you with tools to use at an individual and organizational level, including strategies for supporting your staff and safeguarding your own well-being. You will learn: 

  • Realistic ways to recharge and stay energized—and how to model this for your staff
  • How to approach burnout as a shared responsibility between employee and employer
  • How to identify and support a struggling colleague
  • Common, yet often overlooked, contributors to employee burnout
  • The critical questions to ask yourself and your team when juggling competing priorities
  • Best practices for setting boundaries that will sustain the long-term health of your team members

PresenterFaun Zarge

Wednesday, June 8

Noon-1:30pm Pacific
1:00-2:30pm Mountain
2:00-3:30pm Central
3:00-4:30pm Eastern