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Free To Be You and Me: Psychological Safety at Work

One of the strongest markers of a healthy organizational culture is psychological safety: the belief that it is safe to take interpersonal risks including sharing ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes. We know our sector has work to do around this critical indicator, and we also know there isn’t a simple or single solution. In this session we will explore psychological safety from three levels - personally, interpersonally, and organizationally. Participants will gain insight into how psychological safety connects with other dimensions of employee engagement, perspective around the ways context and identity inform people’s experience of risk-taking, and we will begin to identify ways to cultivate a culture of greater belonging and empowerment at work. 

Presenters:  Amy Born and Danielle Natelson

Tuesday, June 14 

10:00-11:30am Pacific
11:00-12:30pm Mountain
12:00-1:30pm Central
1:00-2:30pm Eastern