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Evolutionary Leadership: Leading in Uncertain Times

Our world has turned upside down: never before have we experienced such a rapidly changing world. How can we move from surviving to thriving? We need a radical change in leadership to create work environments that are safe and high performing. Places where people love to come to work (or at least want to turn their cameras on!).

Step into Evolutionary Leadership, extraordinary leadership to evolve systems, people and the ability to impact change. Discover practical models and tools to unlock your ability to lead in this new world of work. Your experience will begin with the famous Marshmallow Challenge, a simulation to reveal the hidden challenges in teamwork and leadership. Develop your understanding of the inner shift needed to unlock your leadership, create nurturing workplaces and high performance. We believe everyone is a leader, regardless of position, we all have the ability to lead and inspire those around us.

Presenters:  Michael Sahota & Audree Sahota, Founders, Shift314

Thursday, June 16 

Noon-1:30pm Pacific
1:00-2:30pm Mountain
2:00-3:30pm Central
3:00-4:30pm Eastern