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Building Capacity for Cultural Humility within Teams

A conflict emerged on your team based on social identity. Team members are responding in varied ways-- some are meaningfully silent (“you just can't say anything anymore!”), some confused, angry, feeling shamed. What happened? How is it possible that everyone heard the same thing, but the responses are so divergent? May we ever get back on the same page? How can the team move through this and return to the tasks at hand? What is possible?

In this workshop we will address these questions, exploring the how and why of our responses in cross-cultural teams. By engaging in and deconstructing a workplace scenario and noticing its visceral impacts on us, we will build capacity and vocabulary to support our responses in the moment and in the aftermath. We will also explore considerations to preemptively create space for greater understanding among colleagues.

Presenters: Imani Chapman and Franny Silverman

Thursday, June 9

Noon-1:30pm Pacific
1:00-2:30pm Mountain
2:00-3:30pm Central
3:00-4:30pm Eastern