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$15 Per Email Address and Other Online Fundraising Wisdom

What's up with $15? Research shows that the average US nonprofit organization raises $15 per email address per year. Do the math quickly in your head (number of email addresses on your list multiplied by 15)... if your online fundraising program doesn't measure up, this session is for you.

Join Emily P. Goodstein, CEO and Founder of Greater Good Strategy for a fun, interactive, and enlightening 90-minute workshop, all about how to craft a successful online fundraising program for your organization. We'll cover email list growth, segmentation, ask placement, frequency, the role of social media in fundraising, multichannel marketing and why email unsubscribes are not so bad after all.  

The session will be equal parts theory, strategy, and application. You'll walk out the door with a renewed love of online giving. Promise.

PresenterEmily Goodstein, Greater Good Strategy

Thursday, June 2

Noon-1:30pm Pacific
1:00-2:30pm Mountain
2:00-3:30pm Central
3:00-4:30pm Eastern