For Hiring Managers:

A Guide to Recruiting and Hiring: Created by Leading Edge for hiring managers in the Jewish nonprofit sector, this Guide aims to empower every Jewish nonprofit to find and hire stellar team members so that their organization can succeed.

The Management Center’s Hiring Toolkit: Created by The Management Center, a full set of resources encompassing the entire hiring process including: Drafting the job description, building your talent pool, email response templates, interview questions and rubrics, job-simulation exercises and more.

How to Create a Great Job Description: Created by Leading Edge, this tip sheet provides a simple breakdown of the key components of a job description.

How to Target Passive Job Seekers: Created by the Society for Human Resource Management, this guide offers helpful advice to attract professionals who may not be actively job searching.

Job Description Templates: From Leading Edge, a range of job description templates for different job functions.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Organization’s Careers Page: Created by Leading Edge, this graphic breaks down the top priorities for managing your website’s careers page.

The Hiring Manager’s Complete Interviewing Guide: Created by CareerBuilder, this guide walks you through the intricate details for conducting successful interviews.

Salary Bands: Valuing Talent with Intention and Transparency: Created by Leading Edge, a comprehensive guide to setting consistent, equitable and fair salary bands.

For Job Seekers:

The Ultimate Job Search Guide: Created by The Muse, a full resource packed that touches upon all elements of a job search including: Defining your goals, preparing a resume and cover letter, utilizing your network, interviewing, follow-up, negotiating an offer and more.

How to Format a Cover Letter: Created by Indeed, this break down and accompanying video resource provides best practices in writing and structuring a cover letter.

How to Write a Resume: Created by Novoresume, this guide includes all you need to learn before you start writing your resume for a job application, from resume format and layouts to crafting a convincing cover letter.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Questions: Created by Big Interview, this guide tackles the many nuances of interviewing.

What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile Section-by-Section: Created by Career Sidekick, this set of materials offers hands on advice for how to optimize your LinkedIn presence.

Job Search & Networking Guide: Created by the University of California, Riverside, this guide provides deep insights on a number of elements of the job search, including: Career exploration, personal branding and networking.