Bernard Rodkin Fellowship

The Bernard Rodkin Professional Development Israel Fellowship

The Bernard Rodkin Professional Development Israel Fellowship provides an opportunity to increase one’s knowledge and understanding of Israeli society and its social welfare system, and to enhance community organization skills and career development. The award provides a 10-day educational seminar to Israel, sometimes with a Europe component. Bernard Rodkin, z”l, led a very private and simple life. As an adult he earned college degrees after serving in WWII and had a deep love for Israel. He had amassed a significant sum of savings and without any beneficiaries, he sought guidance on how he could make a meaningful contribution. Guided and assisted by Herman Markowitz, then CEO of the United Israel Appeal, Mr. Rodkin established a fund for professionals to experience an Israel seminar to enrich their knowledge and careers.

Previous Bernard Rodkin Professional Development Israel Fellowship Winners

Amy Drucker, Melissa Holcomb, and Deborah Shub
Lori Hoch Steifel and Mark S. Young
Amanda Glincher, Elisabeth Kostin, Rachel Siegel and Chris Strom
Matthew Goldberg, KB Goodkin, Joanne Lippert and Becky Voorwinde
Josh Donner, Adam Kolett & Stephanie Rosenau
Reva Feldman & Lori Shusterman
Stuart Botwinick, Laura Gottlieb, Eve Samson & Joseph Selesny
Cheryl Carne, Bari Elias, Leon Weinerman & Maureen Wise
Sam Sokolove
Amy Wagner Simpson
Sara Schlossberg & Karen Taylor