Past Journal Issues: 2000-Present

Past Issues of the Journal of Jewish Communal Service: 2000 – Present

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People of the Book, Community of Action: Exploring Jewish Service-Learning

Winter/Spring 2012. Volume 87, No. 1/2.
Table of Contents:
From the Guest Editors: Jewish Service-Learning: A Foundation and a Future
Jon Rosenberg, Ilana Aisen, and Ruthie Warshenbrot

I. Introduction

People of the Book, Community of Action: The Case for Jewish Service-Learning
Lisa Eisen, Adene Sacks, Jon Rosenberg

Funder Roundtable: A Conversation with Jenn Hoos Rothberg, Rafi Rone, Jennie Rosenn, John Ruskay, and Jon Rosenberg
Liz Jaffe
Jewish Service-Learning: History and Landscape
Mordecai Walfish

II. Background

Opening the Black Box: Lessons From Research on Immersive Jewish Service-Learning Programs for Young Adults
Fern Chertok, Joshua Tobias, Matthew Boxer, and Shirah Rosin

ABSTRACT: Jewish Service-Learning: Analysis and Caveats
Chaim Lauer
From Service-Learning to Service-Activism: What Teach for America Can Teach the Jewish Service Movement
Aaron Dorfman

III. Major Trends in Jewish Service-Learning

Dual Benefits, Dual Challenges: Integrating Community Impact and Participant Development in Jewish Service-Learning Experiences
Max Klau and Dana Talmi

A Judaism That Matters: Creating Integrated Service-Learning Communities
Lisa Exler and Rabbi Jill Jacobs

If We Build It, They Will Come: A Case for Developing the Field of Jewish Service-Learning in Israel
Dyonna Ginsburg
Integrating Volunteers into Long-Term Sustainable Development
Micha Odenheimer

IV. The Impact of Jewish Service-Learning on Communities Served

ABSTRACT: Complicating Revitalization: A Vision of a Just Detroit
Miriam Liebman and Blair Nosan

Shifting Service-Learning from Transactional to Relational: Best Practices in Working With Community Partners
Jamie Beran and Aleeza Lubin
Making Meaning: Emerging Adults and Service-Learning
Beth Cousens

V. The Impact of Jewish Service-Learning on Participants

Becoming a Servant: How James Kugel’s Conception of Avodat Hashem Can Help Us Think About Dispositional Goals of Jewish Service-Learning
Jon A. Levisohn

How To Turn a Year of Service Into a Lifetime of Commitment: A Case Study of AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps
Stephanie Ruskay

ABSTRACT: Alternative Break Fellowship: Maximizing the Impact of Immersion Experiences
Michelle Lackie and Amy Weiss

In the Family: The Intrinsic Impact of Serving Other Jews
Sarah Eisenman

ABSTRACT: Jerusalem: A Classroom for Jewish Service Learning
Lisa Barkan
Jewish Service-Learning: A Conceptual Framework
Simon Klarfeld

VI. Effective Jewish Service-Learning Pedagogy

ABSTRACT: Havu Livenim - ( Carry the Bricks ): A New Paradigm for Manual Labor and Jewish Experience
Jordan Namerow and Ruth Messinger

ABSTRACT: Personal Connections as a Foundation of Service Work: Social Networking That Makes a Difference
Shimshon Stüart Siegel, with Rabbi Bradley Solmsen

Professional Development for Jewish Service-Learning Professionals: The Certificate of Completion Model
Jennifer Mangel

ABSTRACT: Preparing Service-Learning Professionals: Lessons from Training Experiential Educators
Mark S. Young and Jeffrey S. Kress

Don’t Sell Them Short: From Understanding Injustice to Activism

Irene Lehrer Sandalow and Asaf Bar-Tura

ABSTRACT: Strengthening Mentorship in Jewish Service-Learning Settings
Erica Hymen
Jewish Studies and Service-Learning in Higher Education: What Each Can Gain From the Other
Dan W. Butin and Noam Pianko

VII. Jewish Service-Learning in Higher Education

Jewish Service-Learning Partnerships Between Hillel and the Public University: A Case Study
Jody Myers and Renée Cohen Goodwin
Turning up the Volume: A Call for More Youth Voice in Jewish Service-Learning
Lawrence Neal Bailis and Susan Shevitz

VIII. Youth Voice and Jewish Service-Learning

ABSTRACT: Give Youth Voice Now: Youth Voice Techniques and Philosophies for Jewish Service-Learning: Responding to “Turning up the Volume: A Call for More Youth Voice in Jewish Service-Learning”
Rachel Meytin

Getting Comfortably Uncomfortable: Youth Perspectives on Community Service from the Ma’yan Research Training Interns
Beth Cooper Benjamin with Alex Cohen, Emma Goldberg, Alice Kallman, Carolyn Kettig, and Leah Shwartz

Expanding the Definition of Service and Amplifying Youth Voice
Nahma Nadich

ABSTRACT: Young Jews Learning to Serve and Lead: Organizing Jewish Teens in Boston
Meir Lakein, Ilana Lerman, Beth Reisfeld, Dan Gelbtuch, and Chris Messenger
Successful Components to Transforming a Synagogue Into and Agency of Service
Sandy Rechtschaffer

IX. The Impact of Jewish Service-Learning on the Jewish Community and Our Communal Institutions

ABSTRACT: Becoming a Community of Service: What Worked in San Francisco Bay Area
Jennifer Leorah Mangel and Mara Kassoff

Service-Learning and Jewish Baby Boomers: An Emerging Opportunity or a Best-Missed Chance?
David M. Elcott and Stuart Himmelfarb
From Tea Party to J Street: Jews and American Politics: Understanding the Changing Landscape of the Jewish Vote
Steven Windmueller

X. Reflections from the Field of Jewish Communal Service

Social Work and The Jewish Community: Renewing the Partnership
Barry Rosenberg
Past Issues:
Jewish Family Services: New Models for New Millennium

Volume 81, Issue 3-4: Spring/Summer 2006
Addressing the Quality of Jewish Aging Services
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Recognizing Shoshana S. Cardin: An Exceptional Volunteer Leader
A Tribute to Darrell D. Friedman: Making a Difference in Professional Leadership

Volume 86, No. 1/2: Winter/Spring 2011

A Tradition of Innovation: A Letter From the Guest Editors

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Volume 85, No. 2/3: Summer/Fall 2010

F.E.G.S. 75th Anniversary: Tradition and Innovation Through Leadership, Collaboration, and Service to the Community

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Volume 85, No. 1: Winter 2010

Strengthening the Jewish Community: The Role of the Federation: A Case Study in New York (1999 – 2009)

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Volume 84, No. 3/4: Summer/Fall 2009

The HUC-JIR School of Jewish Communal Service: Celebrating the Past, Shaping the Future

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Volume 84, No. 1/2: Winter/Spring 2009

The Changing Paradigm of Jewish Philanthropy

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Volume 83, No. 2-3: Winter/Spring 2008

Wurzweiler School of Social Work of Yeshiva University:

Celebrating 50 Years of Education and Service

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Volume 83, No. 1: Fall 2007

Imagine the Unimaginable: Disaster Planning, Preparedness, & Response

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Volume 82, Issue 3: Summer 2007

Jewish Vocational Services: Building Skills, Improving Lives, & Strengthening Communities.

A Tribute to Ron Coun.

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Volume 82, Issue 1-2: Winter/Spring 2007

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Volume 81, Issues 1-2: Fall/Winter 2005

Special Tribute Edition: The Vision of Ralph Goldman: Partnering to Build a Strong Jewish Future
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Volume 80, Issues 2-3: Summer/Fall 2004
Recruitment & Retention: Imperatives for Jewish Communal Leadership

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Volume 80, Issue 1: Winter 2004

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Volume 79, Issues 2-3, Winter/Spring 2003 World Council of Jewish Communal Service: Quadrennial, 12-16 November, 2003, Jerusalem

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Volume 79, Issue 1, Fall 2002
Stephen D. Solender: A Career in Jewish Communal Service
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Volume 78, Issue 4, Summer 2002
United Jewish Communities General Assembly
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Cumulative Index 1982-2001
Recruitment and Retention: Imperatives for the Field of Jewish Communal Service

Volume 77, Issue 3/4, Spring/Summer 2001
JCSA Teleconference–2001. Gender Equality in Jewish Communal Service: Toward a National Action Agenda
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Volume 78, Issue 2-3, Winter/Spring 2002

Redeeming the Captive: Initiatives, Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Delivery of Vocational Resettlement Services to Jewish Emigres from the Former Soviet Union.

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Volume 78, Issue 1, Fall 2001

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Volume 77, Issue 2, Winter 2000
Looking Forward: Our Three-Pronged Challenge and Opportunity
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Volume 77, Issue 1, Fall 2000
Setting Standards for Volunteer Leadership and the Profession: A Dialogue
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Volume 76, Issue 4, Summer 2000
Truth, Tradition, and Respect: A New View of Informal Jewish Education
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Volume 76, Issue 3, Spring 2000
Past Achievements and New Challenges: JCSA in the New Millennium
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