Local Groups

Local group associations foster networking, skill-building, career enhancement, collaboration and an appreciation of the magnitude of career opportunities in Jewish professional life.

In communities and regions across North America, thousands of participants gain an understanding of how their skills and knowledge can be transferable from organization to agency to enhance their careers and advance the Jewish community.

Local groups help recruit and retain quality professionals, expanding an awareness of the totality of practice and new developments. Talent and leadership are recognized and rewarded, providing gratification and personal meaning to career choices and collegial relationships. Click here to find the #JPROlocal group nearest you!

Local Group Resource Page
No group in your area? Start your own! Contact Erica Goldman, JPRO’s Director of Program and Operations. You may also want to read the article “In the Beginning: Creating a Local Jewish Communal Professional Association.”

Local Group Resource Manual - Learn the history, purpose, and vision for Local Groups (document from 2015).

Local Group Chair

Mark S Young