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Recent past newsletters:

2021 Issues

June - New JPRO Board Members, Pride Month, Juneteenth
June - CareerHub Survey and Two Master Classes
May - Design Thinking and Racial Justice Classes
May - Last Change - Excel Master Class Begins Tomorrow
- Bless Our Workforce JPRO Online, Design Thinking and Social Media Classes
April - Supervision Training with The Management Center and Racial Justice Class
March - Rabbi Sacks JPRO Online, Excel and Program Evaluation Mater Classes
March - DOROT Tapestry Tour, Master Classes in Leadership and Jewish Ethics
February- Master Classes - Jewish Ethics & Social Media, Leadership Styles, Diana Bloom
February- Jewish Ethics and Task Management Master Classes
January- Ted Comet and Aliza Kline JPRO Online, Fundraising Master Classes

2020 Issues

December- 3 Master Classes Announced for 2021, Rise Consultations and Ted Comet JPRO Online
November- Embodied Jewish Resilience Class, Rise: Interest Free Loans and Career Coaching
- Intro to Racial Justice Class and Finding Your Sea Legs: Holistic Jewish Resilience Series
- JPRO Online After Election Day Program and Racial Justice Class Last Chance
October- JPRO Online Election Programs and Racial Justice Master Class
October- Collaborative Communication Class and Rise JTA Article
September- Excel Ignite! Collaborative Communication! Two new classes!
September- Overcoming the Gap between High Holy Day Liturgy and Our Lives. WellAdvised is open!
August- New Task Management class. Peer groups begin.
August- Announcing Rise!
July- New Master Class with UpStart; August Meditation sessions
July- From Challenge to Opportunity: Designing for Change. Plus: calling all fundraisers for DLead
July- Digital Fundraising: From Good to Greater
June- Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities with UpStart
June- Resources to support Black Lives; Announcing More Gelt (No Guilt!)
May- Sacred Self-Care: Shabbat as a Wellness Practice, plus more from Hadar, Reboot, and Repair the World
May- Ruth and Professional Friendship, a JPRO Online with Dr Erica Brown. New Diana Bloom class!
May- CareerHub Guide to Hiring; New Meditation Sessions announced; #ShabbatShAlone
April- New Writing Class with Dr Erica Brown; WellAdvised re-opens; new Peer Processing Group
April- Resources for those Laid Off or Furloughed
April- New Task Management Class; Jewish Meditation continues
April- What Story Will We Tell? Jewish textual insights for this unprecedented Passover
March- In It Together: Peer Discussion Groups and Jewish Meditation
March- Living and Leading with Courage and Resilience
March- Caring for Our Communities and Communities; Real Leadership in Surreal Times
March- Jewish Peoplehood: What’s Next? In honor of Rabbi Danny Allen z’‘l
February- Last chance for Here All Along. JPRO is hiring! Career Hub webinar
January- Racial Justice. Here All Along. Storytelling. So much happening at JPRO.
January - Storytelling Master Class & Intro to Racial Justice for Jewish Professionals - it’s time

2019 Issues

December - Looking back (video! pictures!) at JPRO19; Task Management class
November - Last chance: Fundraising Insights
October - Fundraising Insights with the (J)PROs
September - #EpicFail and #LessStress
August - Don’t miss your chance to BE HEARD and GET ORGANIZED!
July - Sweaty Summer? Our new Fall Master Class will help you keep your cool
July - Now: Two ways to WellAdvised
June - Detroit: Living Laboratory. What about your city?
June - Welcome six new board members
May - Last chance for early bird prices for JPRO19: What Connects Us!
May - Register now for JPRO19: What Connects Us
April - Steal This: It’s time to share your genius with the world.
April - Announcing the recipients of the JPRO Network Awards!
April - JPRO19, Fundraising class, Hadar, and more
March - Got a Haman on your team? WellAdvised is back!
February - New Fundraising Master Class Is Here!
January - #WinningWinter with JPRO Master Class and Awards
January - Save the Date: JPRO19
January - New Year’s Resolutions: Get Organized with Diana Bloom - and more

2018 Issues

December - Meetings Mastery and Don’t Kvetch, Organize!
November - Awards are open! JPRO Online Salon!
November - Follow-up: Grieving While We Serve Our Communities
October - JPRO Online Gathering: Grieving While We Serve Our Communities
October - Last chance for JPRO Fall Master Classes
September - NEW Task Management class and NEW sessions of WellAdvised
August - The Luncheon Seminar for Global Jewish Communal Professionals
August - Sharpen your skills and connect with colleagues
July - Three new Master Classes from JPRO!
June - Have you tried WellAdvised yet?
May - Hadar’s Jewish Professionals Institute
May- What would an amazing “CareerHub” look like?
April - Management Center and new Board Members
March - Research, Reflect, Respond - new series from JPRO Network!
March - Task Management and Delegation with Less Stress
February - Managing to Change the World
January - Announcing the launch of WellAdvised

2017 Issues

October - JPRO Network’s 42nd Annual Awards Event
September - Congratulations Rachel Garbow Monroe!
July - Congratulations Young Professionals!
May - The Results Are In!

2016 Issues

March (PDF)—“Can you Predict the Weather?”
(PDF)—“Parting Gifts”
(PDF)—“Looking Out on the New Year”

2015 Issues

December (PDF)—“For We Were Strangers”
November (PDF)—“Great Rewards”
(PDF)—“Keeping our Vows”
(PDF)—“Is This the Fast That I Have Chosen?”
(PDF)—“Creating Career Paths”
(PDF)—“Networked for Success”
(PDF)—“A Light Unto the Nations”
(PDF)—“Becoming the Wise Child”
(PDF)—“What’s Your Brand”
(PDF)—“All in the Family”
January (PDF)—“And Justice for All”

2014 Issues

December (PDF)—“Spark the Light!”
(PDF)—“Mazal Tov!”
October (PDF)—“Welcoming All to Our Sukkah”
September (PDF)—“A New Year”
July/August (PDF)—“Am Yisrael Chai”
June (PDF)—“Here’s Looking At You”
May (PDF)—“Recalculating: Are we heading in the right direction?”
April (PDF)—“What’s In a Name?”
March (PDF)—“Capturing Wisdom”
February (PDF)—“A Bucket List for Success”
January (PDF)—“Let’s Get the Full Story”

2013 Issues

013 Issues

pan>2013 Issues

013 Issues

an>2013 Issues

013 Issues

December (PDF)—“Name Your Price”
November (PDF)—“Love, Vision and Promises”
October (PDF)—“Jews by Pew”
September (PDF)—“Make 5774 a Very Good Year”
June (PDF)—“Recognizing Leadership”
May (PDF)—“The Change You Want”
April (PDF)—“Lead-in”
March (PDF)—“What’s Stopping Us?”
February (PDF)—“The Choice is Yours”
January (PDF)—“What Really Matters”