Debby Barton Grant

Debra Barton Grant


Debby is a lifelong, dedicated and enthusiastic Jewish Communal Professional who has served Jewish comm unities in Jerusalem, Detroit, Palm Beach, Chicago, and South Bend, IN and since 2013 has been the Executive Vice President & CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis. She received her B.A from Indiana University and her Masters in Social Work and Jewish Communal Service from the University of Michigan. Debby loves Jewish History, travelling, being a resource to young Jewish Communal professionals and reading a good book or watching a great film! Debby is married to her partner Scott Grant, and together they have three boys Jonah (15), Benjamin (12) and Sam (9).

Why I Serve on the JPRO Board:

I am a proud member of JPRO as there are few things that I love more than connecting people to each other, and serving on the JPRO board feeds this love. As a field I love the professional opportunities and diversity that JPRO brings to all of us. I love being a resource to Jewish Professionals and helping them understand the breadth and depth of our field.